Driving the Cleantech Agenda

Public and private sector organizations are constantly looking for ways to work together to drive the environmental agenda.

Governments around the world are developing regulations, policies, and programs aimed at encouraging and incenting the use of clean technologies, green energy, and products that can assist individuals in minimizing their impact on the environment.

At the same time, the demand for environmental action on the part of private sector companies continues to grow. From energy management, to driving efficiencies in their supply chain, companies are interested in new and innovative solutions that can help them meet the sustainability objectives of their stakeholders, while decreasing costs and improving efficiencies.

These factors combine to make cleantech a high growth area that is attracting interest and investment on a global scale.

Changing environmental legislation, increased stakeholder demand, growing investor interest – each of these has combined to support the development of highly successful companies that are able to meet the growing demand for clean technologies within a range of sectors — from renewable energy to manufacturing.

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