CleanTech North (“CTN”) provides emerging Canadian clean technology (“cleantech”) companies with the mentorship and support required to enter – and succeed – in the global marketplace.

CTN offers promising cleantech companies access to unparalleled advice from top tier service providers (“CTN Cluster Sponsors”) with expertise in a broad range of areas. From access to investment capital, to assistance with developing distribution channels and overcoming regulatory barriers, CTN Cluster Sponsors bring a holistic approach toward working with companies to position them for success in the rapidly evolving cleantech industry.

Members in CleanTech North participate in regular workshops and seminars aimed at increasing their market readiness and expanding their network within the industry. They also have direct access to CTN Cluster Sponsors who can provide industry insights and leading practices relevant to their business requirements. CTN Cluster Sponsors work together in a coordinated fashion to simplify and accelerate a member’s ability to meet their objectives.

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